Saturday, September 6, 2008

dudes are always trying to show me their chi

Everybody's getting out their lawyers -- the inspection turned up some major house problems and now it's on. I have the feeling that the grouchy homeowner will not want to play ball and we won't be moving any time soon. I've begun sorting and packing, but nothing that would be missed in the household, just in case things fall through. (Let's face it, I'm just putting my 12,000,000 records in boxes -- I think I can safely say I'm taking this entire year off from dj-ing.) We've noticed that since we've begun this process, our current apartment has been turning on us, showing its various infestations and flaws -- mice rattle under the stove at night, a snake waits by the dumpster out back, and the air conditioning randomly throws its own switch over to heat and we wake in the middle of the night in an oven. A few black ants, when we gave the perimiters a light dousing of Raid, came back stronger in the form of freakish, super-fast zombie ants. The gorgeous view of Round Lake comes with constant clouds of mosquitos, making it impossible to enjoy anything outdoors here. The water is either rank with sulfur or is so overtreated with hydrogen peroxide that it sears the mouth. Get us out of here!

Baby Sonja is suddenly wildly active and willful, flinging herself around in our arms and pinching and pulling at our faces or any exposed skin. She's reeeeally LOUD now, too, as if she's been trained to emote from a stage in a huge theater. She makes me laugh.