Monday, August 25, 2008

As I was saying...

Well, I kept a pretty tight journal throughout my pregnancy. I wrote down every prophetic, terror-purging dream and detail of my deranged libido (my WHAT?) for the eventual perusal of my cringeing daughter. But as I slammed the book on my note that my water seemed to have broken, so ended any inclination toward any such indulgence. Since Sonja's birth I can barely find time to bathe or sleep, or work, or see my friends, or return phone calls or emails, or keep track of the date, or keep up on what's on the radio (or house music) let alone write in a journal. However, I have spent countless, endless, shameful hours in front of the computer screen while nursing the baby. Every 2.5 hours I stumble to the couch, assemble a pile of Boppy and baby and pop open the laptop. Blogs are really society to me at this strange point in my life -- I come in direct contact with so few real people, and when I do, they see the baby only (thank goodness, because I'm surely a mess at any given moment). So I'm restarting my journal and rejoining society in a small, weird way with my own damn blog.

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